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wristwatch value

365:2010#1: Bringing in the Bells

365:2010#1: Bringing in the Bells

Friday, 1st January 2010

New Year is always special - to some more than others. It is particularly special for Gavin and myself, as it marks the anniversary of a precious moment. It was as the bells were ringing in the first few seconds of 2006 that he and I shared our very first kiss.

This particular New Year's celebration has not really been as planned. We were meant to be in Scotland with Gavin's family, but unfortunately the weather has made it impossible. Throw in the fact that we are both full of cold and very disinclined to venture out of the front door (otherwise the theatre bar was looking very attractive!), we've had a somewhat uneventful and quiet time of it.

It may not be what we had planned - and it is the first New Year's Eve since I turned 18 (possibly longer!) where I haven't consumed any alcohol! But, despite being ill, there are many worse things than spending the evening alone with one's honey! Its actually been very lovely! :)

As for the photograph; so that all I would have to do come midnight was click the button, I set the shot up earlier in the evening, with Gavin's help, making full use of my existing equipment (including tripod and macro extension tubes), and some of my very shiny new Christmas presents - mini-studio, flashgun and various other lighting accessories! Santa has been very good to me this year! :D

The watch itself is special too. I have actually been without a watch for the last 6 years! So, when I unwrapped this present from my brother and his wife I was over the moon! I have so missed having a watch, but never felt justified in buying one for myself when I always had other means of telling the time! So, thank you Karl and Mandy!

And if all of that wasn't enough reason for this photograph, then I'd also like to add this. The last decade has contained much I would choose to forget. Marking the beginning of a new year and a new decade is a way of wiping the slate clean. What is done is done, and what is past is past. 2010 marks the beginning of my reclaiming of those valued things lost that may be reclaimed, a greater appreciation of the many wonderful things already existent in my life, and striving for a happier, more positive future.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2010 be good to you all. xxx

Prazský Orloj

Prazský Orloj

This the Prague Astronomical Clock. On a wristwatch every function other than telling time is called a complication. So a watch that keeps the time, has a stopwatch, and tells the date has two complications. I don’t know if the same terminology applies, but this clock has 20 complications, including zodiac sign, sunrise and sunset, and the time to the next solar eclipse.

Built in 1410 with nothing but cogs and gears and springs. It even predates the use of pendulums in clocks. Remarkable.

Useless factoid: The most complicated wristwatch in the world is the Patek Philippe Calibre 89, with 33 functions. It was made in 1989, took five years to design, four years to build, weighs over a kilo and is valued at $6m.

wristwatch value

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