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How to watch videos on school computers. Good videos to watch. Pulsar watch manuals.

How To Watch Videos On School Computers

how to watch videos on school computers

130/365 - They've got me wrapped around their finger

130/365 - They've got me wrapped around their finger

May 9th, 2008

I thought I was posting tooo many self portraits. My flickr seriously looks like it's revolved around me and me only. Aren't you guys getting a little bored of seeing me 24/7?

Eh; I could be wrong but oh well.
I watched RE:E oh yeaaaaah.
Milla is so fucking hot, so is Ali Larter and the chick that plays K-Mart in it. I frankly would tap all three if given the chance. ::dreams it:: oh fuck yes <3

Since we're on the topic of sleeping with hot girls maybe it's the best time to get into the story of how I became bi.

Most of you might not think I'm bi but trust me, I am. I think it started around age 13 whenever I started going to Cyber School. I looked porn up on the schools computer and I suppose I liked what I saw? Anyways, it's pretty much ever been since I was 13. Except whenever I was 13 I was pretty stupid about how everything "worked" and shit like that. I soon found out with Mandy, an old friend who one day randomly invited me over her house. No one was home and one of her lesbian friends sent her a link to a girl-on-girl website. We went to the website, watched some preview videos, etc etc.

Then we started doing stuff. We made out etc. Then that was pretty much it. From then on I didn't see any other girls or anything until Heather started dating my brother. One night, John was being goofy and he seriously told me and Heather to go into my room to do stuff. Heather was pretty much the first girl I've ever slept with. and I have no idea why I went into that whole story. Eh; ignore that, I guess.

I really wish one day I could play in a horror movie. Mostly me being a serial killer or being chased by zombies or a sexy vixen vampire that has a hot boyfriend and constantly makes out with him, ohhhhhhh shit. I wanna prance around in sexy outfits like Alice and Valentine in Resident Evil 2. THAT was hot. There's nothing better then hot chicks kicking some serious ass in short skirts. DAMN!

Stayed up all night and day, watched TV shows, fell asleep, got woken by mom, watched glimpses of Family Guy through one eye and then I fell back asleep. I woke back up and been up ever since. blah blah blah. I really want some new movies.

OK, I've got the best idea. At the end of the month I'm going to go to the store and by alot of ice cream, whipped cream, cookies (to crush up) and probably brownies or something. I'm going to come back to the house, make a HUGE dessert and then sitting down, eating the whole thing in front of the TV while watching a movie.

I'll probably gain 5-10 pounds but I find it totally worth it. YUMMY! <3

Jan 14, 2010

Jan 14, 2010

January 14, 2010


Today. Um. Ok I woke up around 12.30 and read City of Thieves for a little while. Mr. White came over and hung out with Devon and Sean for a while then he left. I came upstairs and uploaded my photo from yesterday and messed around on the computer till about 3 or so. Mr. white came back over and hung out some more, for those of you who don't know who Mr. White is he's the Principal for Pioneer High School, and apparently he really likes Devon and Sean and our family. Then Sean and I went to class around 5 after saying by to Mike White and taking a few photos of him and the boys and Mr. White helping Claire with her Math homework, he's a Ranger and he wanted to serve his country some more so he re-joined and I think he's going to be a drill sergeant. Me and Sean got to WCC around 8.20 and I went to my Documentary film class while Sean went to the Library to wait till 6 for his class. I saw Jae in the hall and we walked in together. It's going to be a cool class, I know a good deal of the students from past classes or earlier semesters and it'll be fun to work with them again. I wish Donna, the teacher, was more into rough and raw, vulgar and real documentary making, she seemed very taken back when I asked about vulgarity, drug use and drinking being portrayed and discussed in the making of our videos, she just seemed like she wants us to make wholesome uplifting stories but in reality that's not how I see the world and if I made a video on myself I would like to know I could include these if it was relevant..OH! and Me and Jae found out that that Matt practically failed us in our last class but students (Drew, Garth, Scott, Raf) didn't get as bad of a grade as us even though they did the same as us or didn't turn their work in, which means that Mother Fucker played favorites and just fucked us over. Anyways. After class Sean and I went to Jae and Valerie's, hung out, showed Sean our trailer, played with the dogs and left after about an hour. Then we went to Hollywood Video and got Crowley, the story of Aleister Crowley, and Dark Days, one of the films we watch in class. I took these photos afterwards. Went to Wolverine Party Store and came home, played Left4Dead2 with Justin Bose, flowed and then Devon came home. I ate dinner around 12.15, Ramen Special Noodles, and went in my room and watched Dark Days till I fell asleep around 2am or so.

how to watch videos on school computers

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