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Wristwatches Book

wristwatches book

Poljot Signal watch

Poljot Signal watch

Just love the design of this Russian Poljot watch. There's nothing nicer than a black bezel.
This is the export model for the english market. 18 jewels in the movement, but it runs a little slow. It should run nicely, but needs a cleanup, but I can't really be bothered. Unserviced watches from the 70's are allowed to run a tad fast or slow in my book. (It's designed to have a -20 to +40 second deviation per day as per original specs)
This is the first manual – or automatic – watch I've owned with an alarm built in!
The 2612.1 movement was copied from the famous Swiss AS1930 movement by Adolph Schild S.A. (no longer in business). which was an iteration of the AS1475 designed in 1954.
The top crown is to wind the alarm, winding a small spring inside the watch and at the fourth hand with the arrow the watch will whirr away!
It has the 2612.1 movement and comes from the late 70's, the best period for all watches.
Slow ticking high tick-tick-tick sound. Serial number: 761080
No niceties on the back or the crown. Not even a Made in Russia text (export model didn't have this), barren en simple, but a lovely watch nonetheless.
SB-800 bounced off ceiling and SB-R200 bounced off white envelope pointing perpendicular backwards from the watch with a red gel.

6:00PM, 27th December

6:00PM, 27th December

Perfect timing!

I just finished reading "My Sister, My Love", a novel by Joyce Carol Oates, and a new book, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", a novel by Stieg Larsson, arrived in the mail today!

The Joyce Carol Oates book is not one of my favorites of hers - but the final chapters were very powerful and moving

I love the anticipation of starting a new book! I may have to come back to Flickr tomorrow - I have a new book to start tonight!

wristwatches book

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